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Burning shoes

Shoes are good for burning. All that oil in the leather
All that rubber in the soles. Lots of heat
Goodbye slip on Blundstones. You were good to me in a clunky functional and original kind of way
Goodbye bad thongs, you were really uncomfortable
Cheerio Country Road boots. Stylish but never really robust enough
Burn you fake Italian brogues with glue on rubber soles
This is a just fate
Sadly goodbye black Sketchers that taught my nine year old netball - I won't burn the ref's whistle
Finally, the Dead Mans Church's brown brogues. the dead man passing probably subsidised my $25 payment. But are they too worn?
Lets just put them to one side and see if another stick on sole might make them last just a few more years
As for the nearly new pair of African safari boots - too good to burn
You can both take a stroll up to the charity shop


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